Sunday, February 1, 2009

THE RISE OF COBRA SUPER BOWL TV SPOT debuts the official teaser trailer for G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra online (Super Bowl Spot) featuring more big-bang-action from director Stephen Sommers ... hell, I'm pumped up for more! Screengrabs forthcoming - meanwhile, enjoy:



Anonymous said...

I'm excited...and I'm going to see this movie....but so far it looks pretty cheesy. I agree what you say about Snake Eyes being less then stealthy and Storm Shadows costume....I really hope this movie is good.

toysrevil said...

i reckon "cheesy" for me personally, would be the ONLY way i'm going in to watch this flick, becoz i don't want to over-expect anything else besides big-bang-entertainment, least i'm disappointed. and if they deliver that and more? it'll be a swweet bonus, as far as im concerned, IMHO :)

give StormShadow a white fedora with a hugeass peacock-feather, and he be pimp-daddy-Storm LOL

Anonymous said...

According to an IGN. preview of the game for 360

the power armor is called Accelerator armor.

"These are the robotic suits seen in the movie trailer busting through buses and dodging rockets in the street.) Having these suits is the equivalent of getting the Gold Star in a Mario game; you're basically invulnerable and can lay waste to pretty much any enemy you can see"

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