Tuesday, May 27, 2008


[peeped-on & pilfered-from IESB.net]

Hey! I didn't know Elizabeth Hurley was in G.I.Joe? ... or, she isn't? ... oh then, nobody told me they were gonna do Sienna Miller's hair up like that innit? ... looks like i may haveta swallow my muddied combat-boots now? (hhhmmmmm - crusty - munchcrunch) Pounding the Prague-pavements, The Baroness is teh new Hawtness = I Liiiiike.

Thursday, May 8, 2008



the G.I.JOE Movie marketing-machine is on full-crank hype-mode with exclusive reveals peppered throughout the www on powerhouse web-locales (whom I one day hope to be one of, as naively ignoramy as i may sound - do feel free to laugh) featuring General Hawk, Duke, Ripcord, Heavy Duty, Breaker, Destro, Baroness and Storm Shadow! in addition to the previous Scarlett and Snake-Eyes reveals, looks like tis gonna be an interesting (if not uniformly bland) movie to come, IMHO ... peep-on for cropped images with links to original image source:

[ Dennis Quaid as GENERAL HAWK on Collider.com ]

[ Channing Tatum as DUKE on MTV.com]

[ Marlon Wayans as RIPCORD on CHUD.com ]

[ Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as HEAVY DUTY on Comingsoon.net ]

[ Saïd Taghmaoui as BREAKER on DarkHorizons.com ]

[ Christopher Eccleston as DESTRO on IESB.net ]

[ Byung-hun Lee as STORM SHADOW on LatinoReview.com ]

[ Sienna Miller as The BARONESS on IGN.com ]

Currently missing from the image line-up are Joseph Gordon-Levitt as COBRA COMMANDER and Arnold Vosloo as ZARTAN. Directed by Stephen Sommers, the G.I.JOE Movie is slated for a debut on August 7th, 2009 - more than a year away!

Personally, one of the key-aspects of G.I.Joe comicbooks I used to enjoy - besides the characters themselves - was the sheer diversity of their uniforms! Each and every member had their own distinct-look, while still maintaining a quasi-military dress-code (DC Comics' Legion of Superheroes pops into mind - individualistic, but each recognizable as Legion-gear, IMHO) - and with that notion in me wee mind and opinion, the COBRA-faction (which includes Destro, Baroness and Strom Shadow - Cobra Commander is missing from the line-up and will continue to be so, I reckon) would be visually "interesting" (does not necessarily equate "well designed"), while the JOES' uniformity in battle-gear - tho cool - is also in danger of being pretty blah - the stylish amongst them is General Hawk! LOL (there's also Cover Girl - last seen in grey urban-camo *cough*) and suddenly I'm worried about not being able to identify them as they run thru the darkness, innit? What with them decked out in black+dark-gear, innit? ... But I'm sure the filmmakers have that well in hand (*crosses-fingers*).
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