Saturday, April 4, 2009



"The packaging for the G.I. Joe line emerged from a desire to show some respect to the 80’s Real American Hero packaging as well as giving it an injection of something new. Sideshow’s G.I. Joe line is a reflection of the classic RAH figures combined with current, authentic gear and weaponry. We wanted to attempt to represent the idea of these two worlds merging into the packaging. The packaging is the first thing the collector is going to see after cracking open that yellow shipping container, so we wanted the Joe-ness to start permeating at that point." - says Matt Bischof (one of the graphic artists behind Sideshow’s Joe’s 12-inch box art)

Sideshow Toys reveals the packaging box (complete with "permeating-Joeness") for their SNAKE EYES 12 inch figure [TAGGED] - as well as the concept behind it's design inception. Read & peep more via Sideshow's Production Blog :)

[First posted 4th January 2009]

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