Tuesday, June 3, 2008


... I've suddenly got this funny feeling that MOVIE-Cobra Commander will look like this Hasbro San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive figure [via] ... and man, I sure hope I'm utterly wrong tho! As "funny" as a battle-helmet may look on a live-person (IMHO), a rag draped over with holes cut-out would similarly be both ridiculous and perhaps even offensive - but of coz this is pure speculation on my part, yeh? Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the exhalted G.I.Joe nemesis (he looks sorta like a young Heath Ledger, dunt he?) and along with Destro, whose "final"-look may remain a mystery ... until an image-leak comes along, that is! LOL

"Not much is known of Cobra Commander's past, but in his early career he was a used car salesman. While struggling to keep his business afloat, he learned that a car crash had taken the life of his older brother, Dan, who had been driving drunk. Embittered by this tragedy, Cobra Commander became obsessed with vindicating his brother's death. He took specific interest in the surviving son of the family killed in the accident with Dan. That man was the soldier now known as Snake-Eye."
[Marvel Comics-origin]

"After the Marvel series ended, Cobra forces fell to a unified assault organized by the G.I. Joe leader, General Hawk. Cobra Commander managed to escape, becoming an international fugitive as the remnants of his organization retreated into hiding. He spent the next seven years sheltered in non-extradition countries, rebuilding his organization from the shadows." [Devil's Due-origins]

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