Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bootlegged Battle-Joe by TOYSREVIL

and while im hesitant to post the "original" leaked image of the G.I. JOE movie movie Battle Armor sculpt-tests that came together with Scarlett O'Hara's (to not spoil any surprises - but you can peep them here instead) - not that im anywhere near the level or popularity of all other online-powerhouses (hence beneath the notice and attention of Paramount Pictures to seek removal of aforementioned leaked-pics) but perhaps i could offer a bootlegged-image instead? of what it may look like - within the battlefields of thy hallowed mindscape, yeh? - so "technically", this really isn't the actual "leaked-image", innit? *cough*

*Disclaimer: The image and design/color-treatment shown is in no way the final design from the movie and is my own intepretation*

all im saying is, this could be the workings+beginnings of a fab-designed line of toys to come, action figures or 1/6th-scale, IMHO ... gotta lurve the Stormtrooper-ish armor tho! dab on a tinge of urban-camo? BRING THAT SOLDIER A WEAPON NOW, STAT!


[first posted on TRE April 17th]

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