Monday, January 28, 2008

Who Is Playing Duke

seems like the position of G.I.Joe field commander; DUKE has been filled, with Channing Tatum, "a 27 year old actor from Alabama" [via AICN] - star of "Step Up", while i remember him in "She's The Man" (becoz of Amanda Bynes *cough*). previous actors associated with this role include Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney (!). seems the filmmakers be going by way of pop-tween casting (with Ripcord reportedly a buddy of Duke's). no violent reactions from my end, til the movie screens, 'natch :p

Duke is the code name of First Sergeant Conrad S. Hauser. He is field commander and second-in-command of the G.I. Joe Team after Hawk. He is one of the key characters of G.I. Joe and a fan-favorite. He is generally regarded by fans as a main character, despite not appearing in the comic series for a number of issues, nor was he one of the original toys.

His file states that he hails from St. Louis, Missouri and is fluent in English, French and German, as well as several Southeast Asian dialects. He was at the top of his class at Fort Benning, has undergone Special Forces training and worked with South Vietnamese Tribesmen. He was also an instructor in four different Special Forces schools. Despite his accomplishments, he has repeatedly turned down any officer commissions offered to him. He believes a commander's place is with his troops, not behind the battle lines.

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JoeJoe said...

I don't know this guy but by the way things are looking with bringing in Marlon Wayans I think it just screams out a bust. I mean all these years I have always thought why they never made a GI JOE movie and then I hear Marlon Wayans is in it. FFFFUUUUUCK!
Not only that CC is the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun! Ha. aaaaahhhhhh let me guess Danny DeVito is Destro?

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